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Aida - Off White

Aida - Off White

$ 2.40 

per square feet

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Flooring Type: Glazed Porcelain
Collection: Aida
Product #: MZRF-UF4V (12"x12") and MZRF-UF4Z (18"x18")
Color: Off White
Finish: Glazed Porcelain Stoneware
Dimension: 12"x12" and 18"x18"
Thickness: 0.326 (12"x12") and 0.374 (18"x18")
Package: 14.53 sq. ft. / Carton (12"x12") and 15.26 sq. ft. / Carton (18"x18")
Weight: 52 lbs / Carton (12"x12") and 68 lbs / Carton (18"x18")
Lot #: CHS/CLS